Why now is the best time to online date

Sometimes being single around the holidays can leave you feeling a little down—all the holiday parties without a date, explaining to your family why you’re not seeing anyone, and then there’s the ever-looming thought of having to watch the New Year’s ball drop without having anyone to kiss at midnight. But thanks to information from the online dating site Zoosk, we know that the holidays are actually one of the best times to be single.
Why? Because it’s the best time to online date! After looking into the behavior of its over 38 million members worldwide, Zoosk found that more people sign up for online dating now than during any other time of the year.
More People Start Online Dating After Christmas
27% more people sign up to start dating in the days after Christmas leading to the new year. That means if you’re thinking about trying out online dating, December 26 through January 3 is the best time to give it a go.

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